How do you generate your UK B2B data lists?

Our UK B2B data has been built up through various sources, including Companies House and Thomson data feeds. We currently have one of the largest UK contact centres with over 2000 advisors that regularly cleanse and update our B2B data.

How often is your B2B data updated?

We provide the UK’s most comprehensive B2B data file. It’s cleansed and added to every day through a mix of premium B2B data feeds, preference service updates, a dedicated in house B2B data cleansing team, as well as through our UK wide outbound contact centre operations, ensuring you get the freshest B2B data available!

Do you offer any guarantees with your B2B marketing data?

Since our B2B marketing data is so fresh we’re able to offer industry leading deliverability guarantees of:

  • 95% on mailing data
  • 95% on telemarketing data
  • 85% on email data

Do you offer B2B data cleansing?

The short answer is yes! Regular data cleansing prevents your B2B data decaying, which can happen at an alarming rate; according to B2B Marketing magazine B2B data decays at a rate of 40% a year! Simply send us your B2B data file and we’ll take care of the rest.

What types of B2B data can you provide?

We provide the most comprehensive B2B data file in the UK. Our data is perfect for precision targeting across direct mail, telemarketing and email marketing campaigns. We hold over 3 million business contacts, 650,000 email addresses and 1.2 million marketable telephone numbers.

What other services do you offer?

As well as providing campaign ready B2B data we also offer a complete set of data services tailored towards optimising your direct marketing performance. These services include, email marketing, data cleansing, data enhancement and much more. Call us on 01254 311108 to hear more about our services.


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